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1. Member Organizations, Businesses, Trade and Professionals, shall make-up and have direct input in running of CFOFO:

a) Each of the Fiji-Canadian Organizations is eligible to nominate three (3) delegates,

b) Businesses, Trades & Professionals to nominate one (1) delegate each,

c) All the delegates would be eligible for election to the CFOFO Executive Committee

2. All member organizations/ business shall have an opportunity of at least one member on the CFOFO Executive Committee;

3. As a member [of Organization/ Business, Trade & Professionals], under the CFOFO umbrella, your organization/ Business, Trade & Professional, shall be part of a larger and unique group within the Fiji-Canadian Community;

4.Opportunity to work co-operatively with other organizations, business, trades & professionals with diverse interests, but with common goals for the benefit of the Fiji-Canadian community;

5. Opportunity to come together to unite and to work together as one large community;

6. To have input into the over-all and long-term directions for the benefit of the Fiji-Canadian community;

7. By working together with other organizations within the Fiji-Canadian Community, the chances of duplication or of conflicting events would be much reduced;

8. Posting on CFOFO Web-site:

a) A new communication medium available to your organization/ Business, Trade & Professionals

b) Use of advanced cyberspace technology at no set-up costs

c) Ability to list pertinent details and contact information of your organizational/ Business, Trade & Professionals,

d) List upcoming events/ celebrations

e) Reach our younger generation who use this technology/medium frequently

f) Gain international exposure for your Organization/ Business, Trade & Professionals;

9. CFOFO Newsletter:

a) Allows for periodic communication with the larger community

b) Share information with the community

c) list upcoming events/ celebrations

d) Use of written communication without any costs

e) Trains youth in production of communications relevant to the youth;

10. Opportunity to participate in educational sessions together with leaders from other organizations/businesses within the same community; etc.

11. Opportunity to be member of Fiji-Canadian Community Delegation, meeting or making presentations to Ambassadors, MLAs, MPs, Canadian and Fiji Governments, or any other dignitaries;

12. Upon request of member organizations, CFOFO provide “Election/Scrutineers” to conduct election process for organizations.

13. Become part of Fiji-Canadian Community’s “success team” – CFOFO accomplishments to date (as of Nov. 2007):

a) September 2000, a CFOFO delegation met with the deposed Prime Minister of Fiji, Hon Mahendra Pal Chaudhary, in Vancouver, BC

b) June 2001, a CFOFO delegation met with the High Level Indian Committee on Peoples of Indian Origin (PIO).

c) October, 2002, Fiji-Canadian Community met with Consul General of India for Vancouver and Western Canada, Mr. B. Jaishankar, together with Consul Mr. Anil K. Anand and Consul Mr.Y.C.Narang, Organized by CFOFO

d) Global Organization of People of Indian Origin (GOPIO) – Jan 2003 Delhi, India. Attended by Ash Dutta (CFOFO Vice-chair) and Anil Mangal (CFOFO Chairman), at own personal costs. Power point presentation on CFOFO to All delegates, by Ash Dutta

e) CFOFO Delegation to Pravasi Bharatiya Divas, Jan 2003 Delhi, India. Attended by Ash Dutta and Anil Mangal, at own personal costs.

f) “Robert’s Rule” A work-shop for Community Leaders – CFOFO Educational workshop Nov. 2003

g) May 02-2004 CFOFO with Fiji Canada Association (FCA) co-sponsored Ratu Sir Kamisese Mara Memorial Service

h) June 2004 Fiji-Canadian community Celebrates Canada Multiculturalism

i) July 2004, CFOFO bids farewell to Indian Consul Anil Anand leaving for a diplomatic posting in Fiji

j) CFOFO nominations of Fiji-Canadian representatives to Civic Committees: City of Vancouver Civic Advisory Committees (2 to Family Court/Youth Justice Committee, 1 to Vancouver City Planning Commission, 2 to Diversity Issues) and one to the Burnaby Citizen of the Year 2003 Award. Mr. Samar Jit (CFOFO Treasurer) appointed to the City of Vancouver Civic Family Court/Youth Justice Committee 2004

k) CFOFO Endorses Delegation to Pravasi Bharatiya Divas, Youth Internship Program Jan 2005 Mumbai, India. Attended by Raj Mangal, an independent Applicant., subsequently endorsed as CFOFO. All costs, including registration, travel, accommodations, etc. were borne individually by the delegate and NOT paid by CFOFO.

l) CFOFO Executive participate in Flag Raising Ceremony- India Republic Day – January 26-2005

m) CFOFO via Fiji community, raises and donates over $30,000 to the Canadian Red Cross: “Tsunami disaster”

n) CFOFO Executive help organize the Red Cross Award/ Recognition Night,

o) March 2005 Fiji-Canadian Community Reps Meet Federal Minister of State for Multicultural

p) July 2005, 5 CFOFO nominess awarded the Canada Day Youth Award 2005

q) CFOFO Supports FM bid for Radio Stations: CFOFO sent letters of support at the request of both Rhim Jim Radio and Radio India in their bids for FM Stations

r) Annual Youth Talent Show – Since May 2004

s) CFOFO Newsletters unveiled Youth Editions

t) Golden Anniversary Presentation: three prominent Fiji-Canadian couples reached a significant milestone by celebrating their respective 50th Wedding Anniversary. CFOFO Certificates for Golden Anniversary was presented to them.

u) June 2006, CFOFO Recognition Evening: ALL Volunteers for All CFOFO Functions together with Fiji-Canadian Community Leaders, very first interim Steering Committee, past and current CFOFO Executive were recognised.

14. Participate/have input in all future events planned for the benefit of the Fiji-Canadian Community (eg.):

a) Fiji-Canadian Community Leaders Recognition & Awards Nite

b) Fiji-Canadian Community Leaders’ Strategic Planning Session

c) Fifth Annual Youth Talent Show – Sat May 31, 2008.

d) Fiji-Canadian Community’s Mega-Lottery for benefit of all Fiji-Canadian Organizations.

e) Formation of a Youth Council – an ongoing forum for youth.

f) Post-Secondary Scholarship Fund for Canadian Students