About Us

CFOFO is a non-profit, charitable and a non-governmental organization (NGO) comprised of Fiji-Canadian Organizations, including Religious & Cultural, Social & Sporting, Business, Trades & Professionals.

Our purpose is to…

  • be a unified body representing all Fiji-Canadian Organizations
  • gain membership of existing and new Fiji-Canadian Organizations
  • foster co-operation and pool resources among member organizations
  • recognize meritorious and exemplary services provided to the community by Fiji- Canadians
  • represent and make representations to authorities, on behalf of member organizations
  • affiliate with recognized world bodies that represent and advance the interest of member organizations, Fiji-Canadians and Fiji residents
  • provide aid and assistance to approved projects
  • promote world peace, harmony and democracy
  • arrange educational seminars and informational meetings
  • raise and receive funds for carrying out the objectives
  • provide scholarships, bursaries and grants to deserving candidates.

Meet Our Executive Committee:

Chairperson – Shannon Permal

Vice Chair – Edward Palad

Vice Chair – Arvind Prasad

Vice Chair – Derek Sharma

Secretary: Teresa Rehman

Assistant Secretary: Vidya Sharma

Interim – Treasurer: Samar Jit

Assistant Treasurer: vacant

Trustee: Wasu Naidu

Trustee: Samar Jit

Trustee: vacant

Executive: Dinesh Khanna

Executive: Aarthi Naidu

Executive: vacant

Executive: vacant

Executive: vacant

Executive: vacant